Tuultenpesä is a Finnish–Swedish flute ensemble founded in spring 2016. In their music, you can hear an array of historical and contemporary flutes, recorders and whistles, joined in from time to time by vocals. The repertoire is based on the Nordic and Finno-Ugric folk music traditions featuring polskas, runo songs, hallings and other dance pieces as well as pieces especially composed for this unique ensemble.

Bazooka Sub Trio

A recorder-flute trio with Göran Månsson, Kim Persson and Kristine West. Swedish folk music and original compositions with modern and innovative arrangements.


Flute player Olof Jönsson (1867–1953), aka Ol’Jansa, lived in the Härjedalen province in the middle of Sweden, and was, as was common among folk pipers, a musician mostly in private. His instrument was härjedalspipan, the Härjedalen flute, and his music must have been seen as quite intriguing, even exotic, as Swedish radio recorded his tunes on no less than three separate occasions between 1935 and 1951.

During the spring of 2017, Göran Månsson have, in collaboration with Emma Ahlberg, Patrik Källström, Karin Nakagawa and Martin von Schmalensee, recorded a new album with music inspired by Olof Jönsson. The commission from Svenskt visarkiv (The Centre for Swedish Folk Music and Jazz Research) and public record company Caprice Records is to make new interpretations of the old recordings and documented tunes.

The music is brought to the present, and developed by musicians of different genres inspired by this repertoire. This is a border-crossing cooperation, with influences from different styles building a new music out of the traditional, giving a new identity to the instrument and its clime.
The musicians come from rock, folk, classical music, and jazz. Among others, we get to hear the Japanese koto meet the Swedish härjedalspipa in new versions of the old Ol’Jansa tunes.

Naturae Sonus – A concert for folk flutes and orchestra

Naturae Sonus is a new concert for folk flutes and chamber orchestra by Mats Edén. The video shows the first performance with Nordiska kammarorkestern at Tonhallen in Sundsvall 6-7 November 2013. The second part shows Göran Månsson Band together with the orchestra in arrangments of the bands tunes.

Naturae Sonus from Göran Månsson on Vimeo.

Naturae Sonus was composed by Mats Edén directly for Göran Månsson and premiered together with the Nordic Chamber Orchestra on 7-8 November in Tonhallen, Sundsvall. The work contains several different solo passages on no less than nine different types of folk pipes. The instruments used include Härjedals- and Offerdal Pipes. Another more modern instruments also have a role in the work, subcontrabass recorder.
Between the various solos the orchestra moves in a contrasting modern tonal language where you can hear both Stravinsky and Debussy. The result is an exciting meeting between the harsh tonal language of the Nordic flutes and the modern sound of the orchestra. It resembles a journey across the landscape where the orchestra represents the actual transport and the flutes characterize the place where we end up. Maybe a deep forest with chirping birds or a Norwegian mountain top or in a dark cave in the woods. In the groovy finale we come to a happy conclusion!
The second part contains beautiful arrangements by Patrik Källström of traditional tunes from Göran’s home region in Haverö.

Göran Månsson Band

Göran Månsson Band

Göran Månsson Band

One of Sweden’s most interesting folk fusion bands. Sounds from the deep forests of the north blended with modern funky rhythms and improvisation. Göran Månsson, one of the most renowned flutists in Sweden, in collaboration with the extra ordinary percussionist Petter Berndalen and dynamic viola and mandola player Adrian Jones who make the groove go on and on.

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Listen: Dunker


Zephyr is a flute trio with fantastic flute player Jonas Simonson, Bansuri player Richard Ekre and Göran Månsson.