New album release ’Tjernlanden’ 2023/03/30

Traditional music from Härjedalen with Anders Thunell fiddle, Olav Mjelva fiddle, Lasse Sörlin fiddle, guitar and Göran Månsson traditional flutes and percussion. Recorded in Röros in spring 2022. Album label: Nordic Tunes. Order cd direct from Göran Månsson

Album release Ol’Jansa 2018/03/04

The album Ol’Jansa was released on the 18 oct 2017 by Caprice records! The cd is one of the ten best cd’s of 2017 appointed by Lira magazin! Here’s the tune ’Härjedalen’ from the cd.

Ol’Jansa-Recording session 2017/06/05

New recordings of the flute player Olof Jönsson Ol’Jansa (1867–1951) tunes. The band with Karin Nakagawa koto, Emma Ahlberg Ek fiddle, Patrik Källström fiddle, pumporgan and Martin von Schmalensee bass, guitar and producer.

From Haverö to Osaka 2016/12/05

Göran Månsson Band & saw player Sakita Hajime in Kawashinagano september 2012. Filmed by Måns Berthas & Torbjörn Bergqvist. Göran Månsson Band: Petter Berndalen, Daniel Ek & Göran Månsson. The documentary movie ’From Haverö to Osaka’ about Göran’s touring in Japan was broadcasted in Swedish Television in winter 2015.

Ånge Culture Prize 2014! 2014/06/08

I’m happy to announce that I got the Culture Prize 2014 in Ånge Community! The prize was given to ...

Birthday Party at Fågel Blå, Osaka 2014/05/11

Thank you all for a fantastic birthday! Fans, musicians and staff at Fågel Blå! Domo arrigato!!

Naturae Sonus – A concert for folk flutes an… 2013/12/15

Naturae Sonus is a new concert for folk flutes and chamber orchestra by Mats Edén. The video shows the first ...

Thank you for fantastic concerts! 2013/11/18

Ånge and Sundsvall 6-7 november. Nordiska Kammarorkestern, Göran Månsson Band, Mats Edén and Rolf Gupta.

World premier for folk flute concert! 2013/08/28

Naturae Sonus Världspremiär med Göran Månsson & Nordiska Kammarorkestern En svängig konsert med folkmusikalisk inriktning och uruppförande av Mats Edéns Naturae Sonus ...

Japan Tour June 2013 2013/05/20

I’m happy to tour in Japan June 2013 with Kanako Kato, Taro Matsumotu, Kensaku Tanigawa among many other fantastic musicians. ...

Rehearsal with Gjallarhorn in Beautiful Beast 2013/02/14

Rehearsal with Gjallarhorn and Norrdans in Härnösand. Beautiful Beast will tour in this spring. Dates and places in the schedule!

Happy New Year! 2013/01/03

Kult-u-Real concert @ Stallet, Stockholm 2012/11/20

Concert with the fantastic drummer Marque Gilmore! Marque is famous for his works with Drum FM, Omar Sosa, Zawinul syndicate ...

Haverö–Osaka 2013 2012/11/17

In May–June 2013, Göran Månsson will visit Japan together with japanese guest musicians. More information will be published later on. ...

Göran Månsson plays flutes, pipes and recorders.

Göran ranks as one of the most exciting and dynamic flute players on the Swedish folk music scene. Among a lot of projects he have a flute designed by himself ’Månmarka pipe’ also an academy for folk flutes ’Folk Flute Academy Haverö’. Maybe that shows how important he is for the flute players in the north of Europe.

He comes from the small town of Haverö in Norrland in the north of Sweden. As a descendant of one of Sweden’s celebrated folk music families, Göran is actively furthering the Swedish folk music heritage. Göran performs with the folkmusic group Gjallarhorn and also the folk-pop group Sarek which was one of the artists in Eurovision song contest 2004. Other groups: Göran Månsson Band, Gjallarhorn, Frispel and Månsson&Åberg

He also performes as a soloist and his first solo album Inland (Drone) was released in December 2002 to widespread critical acclaim. Mon (Nordic Tunes), released Japan in June 2006, and September 2006 in Sweden, is Göran Månssons second solo album. What is quite uniqe with this production is the meeting beetween Göran and guitarplayer Roger Tallroth (Väsen, Ann-Bjorg Lien etc.), who also is the co producer. Two innovative and strong musical personalities together on this cd. ’Mon’ was nominated for the Manifest price in 2007.

Göran is very much in demand as a session musician for both early music and folk-pop recordings and has toured the world as a percussionist and flute player. He’s currently one of the most interesting nordic folk acts in Japan. He is a graduate of the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and teaches at Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Sibelius Academy in Helsinki and Oslo Music Conservatory. He is also Censor at the Conservatory of Music in Odense.


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