New album release ’Tjernlanden’

Traditional music from Härjedalen with Anders Thunell fiddle, Olav Mjelva fiddle, Lasse Sörlin fiddle, guitar and Göran Månsson traditional flutes and percussion. Recorded in Röros in spring 2022. Album label: Nordic Tunes. Order cd direct from Göran Månsson

Album release Ol’Jansa

The album Ol’Jansa was released on the 18 oct 2017 by Caprice records! The cd is one of the ten best cd’s of 2017 appointed by Lira magazin! Here’s the tune ’Härjedalen’ from the cd.

Ol’Jansa-Recording session

New recordings of the flute player Olof Jönsson Ol’Jansa (1867–1951) tunes. The band with Karin Nakagawa koto, Emma Ahlberg Ek fiddle, Patrik Källström fiddle, pumporgan and Martin von Schmalensee bass, guitar and producer.

From Haverö to Osaka

Göran Månsson Band & saw player Sakita Hajime in Kawashinagano september 2012. Filmed by Måns Berthas & Torbjörn Bergqvist. Göran Månsson Band: Petter Berndalen, Daniel Ek & Göran Månsson. The documentary movie ’From Haverö to Osaka’ about Göran’s touring in Japan was broadcasted in Swedish Television in winter 2015.

Ånge Culture Prize 2014!

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I’m happy to announce that I got the Culture Prize 2014 in Ånge Community! The prize was given to me by Queen Silvia on the National Day. I also played a tune from Haverö by Per Jonas Lång for the King and Queen. In this link below you can hear the interview from the Swedish radio with King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia: Interview

Queen Silvia says that she’s very impressed by Göran Månsson and says ’he’s playing his music like a wizard’! She also is very happy that Göran spreads Swedish music abroad, especially in Japan.

Naturae Sonus – A concert for folk flutes and orchestra

Naturae Sonus is a new concert for folk flutes and chamber orchestra by Mats Edén. The video shows the first performance with Nordiska kammarorkestern at Tonhallen in Sundsvall 6-7 November 2013. The second part shows Göran Månsson Band together with the orchestra in arrangments of the bands tunes.

Naturae Sonus from Göran Månsson on Vimeo.

Naturae Sonus was composed by Mats Edén directly for Göran Månsson and premiered together with the Nordic Chamber Orchestra on 7-8 November in Tonhallen, Sundsvall. The work contains several different solo passages on no less than nine different types of folk pipes. The instruments used include Härjedals- and Offerdal Pipes. Another more modern instruments also have a role in the work, subcontrabass recorder.
Between the various solos the orchestra moves in a contrasting modern tonal language where you can hear both Stravinsky and Debussy. The result is an exciting meeting between the harsh tonal language of the Nordic flutes and the modern sound of the orchestra. It resembles a journey across the landscape where the orchestra represents the actual transport and the flutes characterize the place where we end up. Maybe a deep forest with chirping birds or a Norwegian mountain top or in a dark cave in the woods. In the groovy finale we come to a happy conclusion!
The second part contains beautiful arrangements by Patrik Källström of traditional tunes from Göran’s home region in Haverö.

World premier for folk flute concert!

Naturae Sonus
Världspremiär med Göran Månsson & Nordiska Kammarorkestern

En svängig konsert med folkmusikalisk inriktning och uruppförande av Mats Edéns Naturae Sonus med Nordiska Kammarorkestern och Göran Månsson som solist på Härjedalspipor. Även Göran Månsson Band medverkar. World premier for Naturae Sonus composed by Mats Edén. Concert for swedish folk flutes and orchestra! Soloist Göran Månsson and Göran Månsson Band. 6th Nov Ånge and 7th Nov Sundsvall.
DSC_0126_3 Photo Lars Uddén,

Japan Tour June 2013

I’m happy to tour in Japan June 2013 with Kanako Kato, Taro Matsumotu, Kensaku Tanigawa among many other fantastic musicians. Concerts in Osaka, Tokyo, Kyoto etc.

Folk Flute Academy/Summer course in Mon


Summer course in Mon with Göran Månsson, Mats Berglund, Gunnar Stenmark and Dan Lundberg

Weekend courses for traditional pipes in August. It takes place in Görans home in Haverö. The course is mainly for those who have played swedish pipes and are interested in learning traditional tunes by ear. The course contains both ensemble and individual lessons. We will use a lot of different pipes, Härjedal-, Månmarka-, and Offerdalpipes. It’s possible to borrow pipes from pipe maker Gunnar Stenmark and you can also buy pipes. Accomodation and food included.


For more information please contact:
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