Göran Månsson Band

Göran Månsson Band

Göran Månsson Band

One of Sweden’s most interesting folk fusion bands. Sounds from the deep forests of the north blended with modern funky rhythms and improvisation. Göran Månsson, one of the most renowned flutists in Sweden, in collaboration with the extra ordinary percussionist Petter Berndalen and dynamic viola and mandola player Adrian Jones who make the groove go on and on.

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Schedule 2012

Marque Gilmore
Cult-u-Real 30 Nov

2 Feb 2012 Seminar & Concert at Nord Trad, Malmö

25 Feb 2012 Umeå Folk Music Festival, Mittfolk&Hoven Droven

26 Feb 2012 Concert in Drömme Mittfolk &Hoven Droven

17 March 2012 Workshop/Concert in Kinna

24 March 2012 Concert at Konserhuset, Stockholm with Frispel

2 April 2012 Concert at Ericsson Hall, Stockholm with Frispel

19 April 2012 Workshop, Mälardalens högskola

27 April 2012 Festival, Belgium, Gjallarhorn

13 May 2012 Concert in Lund with Per Gross

21 May 2012 Schoolconcert in Sundsvall with Mittfolk and Lust

22 May 2012 School concert in Sundsvall with Mittfolk and Lust

26 May 2012 Ål Folkmusikfestival, Norway with Roger Tallroth

30 May 2012 Concert (solo with guests Ryota Tanaka and Yuko Oda) at Doshisha University, Kyoto

31 May 2012 School concert, Kawashinagano city

1 June 2012 Concert (solo and with Drakskip) at Another Dream, Osaka

2 June 2012 Concert (solo) at Riviere Hall, Osaka

3 June 2012 Concert (solo) at Lovely Hall, Kawashinagano

16 June 2012 Concert in Sättna Kyrka with Mittfolk

30 June 2012 Haapavesi Folk Festival, Gjallarhorn

22 July 2012 Concert ar Eldnäset, Göran Månsson Band&Mittfolk

25 July 2012 Concert Kyrkans Hus, Sundsvall. Frispel

28 July 2012 Concert at Eldnäset with Sarek

29 July 2012 Concert Drömme with Mittfolk

10 Aug 2012 Concert at Hussborg with Mittfolk

11 Aug 2012 Concert in Jamtlis spelmanstämma, Östersund with Mittfolk

17-19 Aug 2012 Summer course in Mon with Gunnar Stenmark and Dan Lundberg

12 Sept 2012 Concert at Another dream, Osaka with Göran Månsson Band&Mittfolk

13 Sept 2012 Concert in City Hall, Kawashinagano with Göran Månsson Band

16 Sept 2012 Concert in Lovely Hall, Kawashinagano Folk Music Festival with Göran Månsson Band

17 Sept 2012 Concert at Nordic Picnic Festival in Expo Park, Osaka with Göran Månsson Band&Mittfolk

13 Oct 2012 Concert at Linköpings folkmusikfestival with Gjallarhorn

20 Oct 2012 Concert in Ånge Medborgarhuset with Mittfolk

31 Oct 2012 Concert in Ånge kyrka ’Spela för livet’

16 Nov 2012 Concert in Bredared församlingshem with Susanna Moberg and Andreas Nordanstig

23 Nov 2012 Concert in Torslanda kulturhus with Susanna Moberg and Andreas Nordanstig

30 Nov 2012Cult-u-Real’ at Stallet, Stockholm with Marque Gilmore

13 Dec 2012 Lucia concert in Mälarhöjdens kyrka

Folk Flute Academy/Summer course in Mon


Summer course in Mon with Göran Månsson, Mats Berglund, Gunnar Stenmark and Dan Lundberg

Weekend courses for traditional pipes in August. It takes place in Görans home in Haverö. The course is mainly for those who have played swedish pipes and are interested in learning traditional tunes by ear. The course contains both ensemble and individual lessons. We will use a lot of different pipes, Härjedal-, Månmarka-, and Offerdalpipes. It’s possible to borrow pipes from pipe maker Gunnar Stenmark and you can also buy pipes. Accomodation and food included.

Homepage: folkfluteacademy.com

For more information please contact: info@goranmansson.se
For instruments contact: Härjedalspipan.se