Contra bass recorder

Bass recorder in F by Herbert Paetzold. 4-5 pick ups. Göran also use octave pedal to get 1-2 octaves below.


Recorders, soprano, alto, tenor. RA recorder by Ragnar Arvidsson and Älvsborgspipa by Ragnar Arvidsson. These type of flute are a kind of hybrid instruments between traditional Swedish flute and recorder.


Def, Tar, Bendir and other type of frame drums. Göran also plays baroque timpani.

Flauto d’amore

Baroque transverse flute tuned in Bb 415 Hz (in 440 Hz it will be A). Six finger holes and one clef.


A flute designed by Göran Månsson and Gunnar Stenmark. It’s tuned like a Härjedalspipa with 7 finger holes. Dorian scale with blue notes on the third, six and the seventh in the scale. Different tunings, for example A and G.